TV Animation Sales (September)

TV Animation Sales (September).


TV Animation Sales (September)

September 28th, 2012 10:36 AM by Aaron H. Bynum

Global Animation Sales News

The following article spotlights news items regarding TV animation sales announced during the month of September 2012. New viewers across Russia and central Asia will soon become familiar with animation like Nick’s The Legend of Korra and Alphanim’s The Green Squad, respectively; while a number of broadcasters in Europe gear up for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a sixth season of Totally Spies!, and a second season of Angelo Rules.


Exploring new lands, discovering new friends, and learning the fundamentals of cubism may not register with all sea-fearing adventurers, but in Pirates: Adventures in Art, Princess Cleo and her pals venture to new places to learn as much about the history and practice of fine art as is possible.

The CG series Pirates: Adventures in Art is a product of DHX Media (Halifax, NS) and was recently acquired for broadcast by Super RTL (Germany).

The cartoon’s hands-on, informative approach to art basics tracks Cleo and her crew as they seek to restore a sense of individuality to her kingdom, where a love of the arts is being repressed.

The new animated series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has earned reputable support overseas in the short time it has been available. Recent sales include agreements with ABC (Australia), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), Canal+ Family (France), HOP TV (Israel), and Zee Learn (India, subcontinent). The early education cartoon was developed by The Fred Rogers Co. as the emotional sequel to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and plucks from history the descendents of animal characters, milling about town eager to learn and interact with the world around them. Daniel Tiger, naturally, is the main character of the preschool program. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is currently slated for an autumn 2012 debut on PBS Kids (U.S.) and CBC (Canada). A future rollout of various dolls, figures, vehicles, and role-play items was determined earlier this summer [recent A.I. news: “Daniel’s Tiger Animation Licensing News” (06/2012)].

from The Legend of Korra

In general news for Nickelodeon programming, the free-to-air network 2X2 (Russia) has acquired the rights to broadcast the swift-paced action series The Legend of Korra, which will no doubt offer the country a taste of next-generation fantasy-adventure that western viewers don’t always crave, but heartily appreciate.

SpongeBob SquarePants was acquired by CME (Romania), along with various preschool programming; T.U.F.F. Puppy, Planet Sheen, and Fanboy & Chum Chum were all licensed by STB (Ukraine); and Viasat, a broadcaster to the Baltics, acquired T.U.F.F. Puppy, Planet Sheen, and Penguins of Madagascar.

In other news, Nickelodeon-branded programming blocks are scheduled to emerge on MRTV (Macedonia), LNK (Lithuania), and Markiza (Slovakia).

In early September, France’s Zodiak Kids and Marathon Media made a few waves after announcing that the ever-present girl-spy cartoon Totally Spies! would be renewed for a sixth season. The new commission, courtesy of TF1 (France), will include another feature film, a handful of social media extensions, and dozens more promotional events to follow into 2013. International partners for the broadcast of Totally Spies! includes Nickelodeon all across Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as the Disney Channel (France). The new, twenty-six episode season will launch at MIPCOM Junior 2012 (Cannes, France) this year.

from Sherlock Yak
from Broken Blade (middle)
and Kino’s Journey; The Anime Network

Through a handful of agreements, Imira Entertainment (Barcelona, Spain) has given the 2D mystery-solving series Sherlock Yak: Zoo Detective the opportunity to nose its way into new territories. The animated comedy, coming to RTVE (Spain), is about a detective yak and his assistant, a female stoat, who go about the local zoo and solve problems many of other animals can’t seem to clear up.

Who sabotaged the vampire bat’s guitar? Why does somebody want to fry the piranha fish? The culprits could be anyone, and the reason for their crime (attempted or otherwise) could vary just as much.

Elsewhere, Imira Entertainment has licensed Clifford the Big Red Dog and Clifford Puppy Days to Televisio de Catalunya (Spain), which appropriately trace the exploits the a gregarious red dog at the heart of the award-winning children’s property.

For anime fans, The Anime Network has announced another programming partnership. Although nurturing a healthy bulk of its programming online for eager subscriber otaku, The Anime Network has signed an agreement with Hawaiian Telecom (Honolulu, Hawaii), through which the On Demand channel will initiate its usual playlist of science-fiction, action, and romantic comedy cartoons from Japan.

The Anime Network launched this month as Hawaiian Telecom’s first subscription video on demand package.

Angelo Rules, produced by TeamTO (Paris, Valence; France), premiered in early April 2010. Now heading into autumn 2012, the animated series’ second season is pretty much ready to go as well. TeamTO is reportedly planning to make a splash at MIPTOM (Cannnes, France) this year, promising longer episodes and additional hijinks as eleven-year-old Angelo and his buddies blueprint and gameplan their way into theme parks and out of chores.

Angelo loves to study human behavior, and it is often his curiosity that pokes and prods him to analyze social experiment after social experiment, regardless of how many cupcakes, house cats, or dirty dishes are spoiled in the process. Angelo Rules is a CG property with the sentience of a stop-motion series, and is currently in production between TeamTo, Cake Entertainment, and TELETOON Canada.

Tree Fu Tom, commissioned by CBeebies for a second season, moves forward. A co-production of FremantleMedia Enterprises, the computer animated fantasy/adventure program traces the ordeals of a pair of friends in a magical and forested land. Tree Fu Tom has already been sold to several viewing areas, icnluding Canada, Belgium, Italy, and Finland. New broadcasters for the first season include EBS (Korea), Disney (Australia, New Zealand), Lagardere (France), HOP TV (Israel), and Discovery Kids (Latin America), among others. The animation debuted this past spring; the second season is expected to begin airing sometime in 2013.

Announced by Alphanim (Paris, France), the 2D series The Green Squad has been sold to several new territories this past month.

A cartoon about a trio of siblings — Claire, Julian, and Thomas — who travel the world on a quest to explore (and save) the planet’s natural wonders, The Green Squad is an eco-themed adventure from the get-go. The animated series has been secured by Discovery Kids (Asia), TVO (Canada), ATV (Turkey), Paka Paka (Argentina), and TV5 Monde (France).

The kids of The Green Squad work their way through canyons, forests, and savannahs, learning as much about the environment, its inhabitants, and the science behind their survival, as they possibly can. The series has previously been acquired for broadcast by networks in Germany, the Middle East, France, Poland, Switzerland, and Malaysia, among other territories.


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